Merlin Software provides the complete software solution for today's timeshare resort, whatever its age, size, location or product. We deliver the latest cloud-based technology and provide extreme customer support. After all, it's all about you.

  • This robust and all-embracing module is your resort’s complete CRM system, tracking each lead from source to sale with sophisticated data mining tools and communications methods.
  • Whatever your product, this wide-ranging module gives total control of the entire sales process from creating inventory and printing contracts to tracking ownership changes and reporting.
Resort Management
  • Resorts can maximise their inventory utilisation and yield management while performing all property management tasks including front desk reception, central reservations and management fee collections.
  • With a complete double entry accounting package interface, this wide-ranging module allows you to perform all accounting functions for multiple companies, currencies and product types.

Our promise to you:

No client should ever find themselves lost, confused and alone with our software and should always enjoy the very best customer experience from every member of our team.

What is Merlin Software?

Merlin Software provides the complete software service for today’s vacation ownership industry – whatever the age and size of the resort or the product sold

With specific solutions for HOA-run legacy resorts, club-based operations and larger, in-sale developments, Merlin is accessed over the Internet without expensive servers or communication links.

Merlin’s modules include sales, marketing, accounting, management fee billing, property management and reception - and it can work with your website to offer live online payments and reservations.

As a picture speaks a thousand words, here is Merlin's director of business development, Mike Ashton, with a brief introduction to the software.

Remember, Merlin Software is 100% cloud based. But don't get too tied up with with the technology - you don't need to understand it, to use it and for your resort to benefit from it.

And if you use services such as Google Docs, Facebook and Dropbox, then you are already using cloud computing technology. See, you're more technical than you thought.

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What is Merlin Software?

What our clients say

  • Merlin Software has transformed the services that we offer timeshare consumers through the TATOC Consumer Helpline - and to our member resorts and affiliates as well. We now have access to actionable, valuable data that can be used for a variety of purposes. It has enhanced and streamlined our business processes.
    Harry TaylorExecutive chairman, TATOC
  • “The complete integration of all of our systems was a key reason for choosing Merlin. In addition our owners will now be able to engage with their favourite holiday destinations seamlessly. We look forward to implementing the Merlin Software across all the operating divisions of Southern Sun Resorts to the benefit of all."
    Deon ViljoenDirector of operations for Southern Sun Resorts